National Centre for Farmer Health

The National Centre for Farmer Health aims to improve the health, safety, and wellbeing of farmers, their families and farming communities across Australia.

Resources for stress, anxiety and mental health


ifarmwell has been designed based on what Australian farmers have said they want and what research shows will help.

ifarmwell modules - Designed by Australian farmers for Australian farmers.

ifarmwell help farmers to cope effectively with life’s challenges and get the most out of every day. It does this by sharing practical ways of coping with difficult circumstances, thoughts and feelings (especially worries about things you can’t control) and helping you to work out where it is most useful for you to put your attention and energy.

You can do this from the privacy of your home, tractor or shed. The site will even send you text message reminders to keep you focused, but the best part about it is it’s free!

Practical tips to improve your wellbeing

Tip sheets:

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