Summary of field experiments and demonstration blocks of the Stonefruit Field Laboratory, Tatura.

Treatment*Tree trainingNumber of 
leaders per tree
spacing (m)
spacing (m)
Year plantedNo.
Peach, September SunRootstock x Crop loadVase44.5220131a
Nectarine, Rose BrightRootstock x Crop loadVase44.5220131b
Peach, August FlameCrop loadVertical24.5120132a
Peach, August FlameCrop loadTatura Trellis24.5120132b
Nectarine, Autumn BrightCrop loadVertical24.5120132c
Nectarine, Autumn BrightCrop loadTatura Trellis24.5120132d
Apricot, Golden MayCrop loadVase44.5120143a
Apricot, Golden MayCrop loadTatura Trellis24.5120143b
Plum, AngelenoCrop loadVase34.5120143c
Plum, AngelenoCrop loadTatura Trellis24.5120143d
Nectarine, September BrightIrrigation level x TimingOpen Tatura24.5120144
Nectarine, Ice PrincessDemo 1Central Leader14.522014Buffer 1
Nectarine, August BrightDemo 2Palmette24.52.42014Buffer 2
Nectarine, Snow Flame 23Demo 3Palmette24.52.42014Buffer 2
Nectarine, Snow Flame 25Demo 4Palmette24.52.42014Buffer 2
Peach, O’HenryDemo 5Palmette24.52.42014Buffer 2
Peach, O’HenryDemo 6Cordon24.52.42014Buffer 2
Peach, Snow FallDemo 7Central Leader14.522015Buffer 3
Peach, Red HavenDemo 8Central Leader14.522015Buffer 3
Nectarine, September BrightDemo 9Central Leader14.522015Buffer 3

*Crop load and irrigation treatments to be implemented once trees become fruit bearing (3rd leaf).

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