Profitable Stonefruit Research

Ag-Tech sensors and machine learning are used to measure and sort fruit on a grading line (300 – 500 fruit/min per grading lane).

In the fruit analytics laboratory at the Tatura SmartFarm, AVR horticultural researchers have utilised grading technology equipped with visual and NIR imaging systems to measure external (skin colour, sunburn, russet) and internal (flesh sweetness, firmness, maturity) fruit quality parameters of every single piece of fruit picked from novel field experiments.

Fruit grader

Consumers demand uniform, blemish free, high colour and good taste experiences of apple, pear, peach, nectarine, plum and apricots. Nowadays, fruit sorting technology of commercial grading systems in packhouses enables growers to supply fruit to market specification.

This technology has provided the basis for accelerated agronomic production packages and thus creating new orchard management practices for improved horticulture industry outcomes.

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