Research Scientist - Plant production science

Horticulture Production Sciences

Dr Zelmari Coetzee

Type of Research / Topics:

  • Investigating the physiological, environmental and management factors that influences spur productivity–the effect of reduced water and nitrogen application on spur population dynamics in Nonpareil and Carmel.
  • Orchard planting and tree training systems for maximum yield and fruit quality and the sustainability to mechanisation – creation of a virtual orchard to simulate plant response to novel orchard designs, management systems and future mechanisation; determine the financial implications and risk towards implementation of the newly proposed orchard designs and practises on a whole or partial farm scale.

Relevant experience:

  • Nine years of experience in viticultural research and project management - the effect of abiotic factors on vine physiology and grape composition, the ecophysiological response of grapevines to terroir, climatic monitoring, and several commercial trials in collaboration with industry to improve grape quality at harvest.
  • PhD in Viticulture (full scholarship from the ARC Training Centre for Innovative Wine Production) - the sugar-potassium nexus in grape berries was investigated on a physiological, metabolic and molecular basis.
  • 16 publications in the fields of viticulture and climate