The November 2017 HIN event, attended by 17 industry organisations, focussed on bio-sciences research at Agribio, Bundoora, networking with the Australasian Plant Pathology Society Victorian branch (APPS) and biosecurity at the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) at Tullamarine airport.

Presenters – details & topics

Belinda Griffiths, Fiona ConstableAgriculture VictoriaAgribio Overview

Con Skyllas,  Ayfer Kocak

Agriculture VictoriaSample reception/ Post mortem room
Fiona ConstableAgriculture VictoriaBiosecurity/Microbiology
Oscar Villata, John WeissAgriculture VictoriaPlant Pathology/PCN
Mallik Malipatil, Linda SemeraroAgriculture VictoriaReference Collections
Paul Cunningham, Kevin Farrier, Mark Blacket, Mofakhar HossainAgriculture VictoriaInvertebrate Science
Candace ElliotAustralasian Plant Pathology Society Vic branch (APPS VIC)Overview of APPS
Liz Morse-McNabbAgriculture VictoriaMapping for biosecurity
Lucy MerrittAgriculture VictoriaBiosecurity & market access
Andrew TomkinsDepartment of Agriculture and Water ResourcesOverview – DAWR Tullamarine
Adam BroadleyDepartment of Agriculture and Water ResourcesBrown Marmorated Stink Bug
Adrian DinsdaleDepartment of Agriculture and Water ResourcesPierce’s disease
  Crazy ants

Industry feedback

“Diagnostic capabilities at AgriBio & opportunity for future industry research and to work with universities and students were great to see”

“R&D projects relevant to some pests of concern in our industry”

“Networking with Plant Pathology Society opened new opportunities”

“Mapping-spatial data to expand our export registration system to incorporate this service”

“More information about market access and how it works – intricacies, data collection as Industry starting to look more at export”

Industry possible next steps

“Organise a quote to finger print specific fungal diseases”

“Elephant weevil is a problem in blueberries, citrus & grapes. The facilities they had at AgriBio for developing pheromones would be excellent to collaborate with in this program -  will contact AgriBio and talk about a joint project”

“Will be able to inform who/where to go for diagnostics”

“Contact Liz to send mapping info on my crop/industry”

“Knowing what is available to assist in preparing for market access/being able to pinpoint outbreaks”