About HIN and Members

Networking, Collaborating, Informing & Capability building

The Horticulture Industry Network (HIN) is an established and unique network initiated and facilitated by Agriculture Victoria, made up of 29 industry organisations (19 national organisations and 10 state organisations) which work directly with at least 16,000 horticultural producers and land managers via their existing extensive networks. This represents nearly 100% of Victoria’s horticultural crops including fruit, nuts, vegetables, cut flowers, nurseries and wine.

The purpose of the HIN is to:

  • Enable cross-horticultural industry collaboration;
  • Improve horticultural industry capability;
  • Accelerate practice change; and
  • Provide an efficient and effective link between horticultural industries, government, research institutions and innovative businesses.

Horticulture Industry Network events

The HIN meets 4-6 times per year and events are structured around issues, priorities and/or topics prioritised by the HIN at the start of each financial year.  Currently, the ongoing overarching priority theme for the HIN events is biosecurity.


HIN evaluation reports

Evaluation reports containing insights into the changes and achievements produced by the Horticulture Industry Network.

These evaluations were conducted by internal and external evaluators to assess the effectiveness and costs benefits of the Horticulture Industry Network for industry and government.