Research from the Horticulture Innovation Fund

This project provided the certified seed potato industry with capacity and capability to accurately capture geospatial reference data of all seed potato crops that can be used to support ongoing market access and trade of certified seed potatoes for both domestic and export markets. In so doing, enhances the current traceability system of all certified seed potato crops to enable better response management in the case of a pest or disease incursion. 
The geospatial software module supports and strengthens the certified seed potato industry:

  • on all certified seed potato production through improved traceability of seed stocks
  • on the improved ability to respond in a biosecurity incursion and ongoing role in dealing with threats.
  • on ability to demonstrate compliance for both interstate and export markets.
  • on the entire commercial potato industry with enhanced evidence of high quality seed potatoes and increase competitiveness
  • potential application to other horticultural industries seeking evidence to support market access requirements for both interstate and export markets

The outcome of this project addresses the need to streamline evidence used to support trade, primarily using geospatial referencing of all fields used to produce certified seed potatoes. In addition, the geospatial referencing will have immediate application to use for ware (including fresh and processing) potatoes export in improving the traceability of ware crops and to better align with phytosanitary conditions and market needs.  Another outcome is allowing the formation of businesses and joint ventures to allow the use of the data for better agriculture compliance.

Presentation: Development of a geospatial software module to support seed potato certification

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Video interview was conducted which outlines the objectives and outcomes of the project

Dr Nigel Crump, CEO of ViCSPA, discusses an online GPS based data management module for Seed Potato Certification