Research from the Horticulture Innovation Fund

Improving farm performance by adopting climate adaptation strategies in the Victorian Wine Grape industry.

2 focuses:

  • development of an application-ready practical water budgeting tool for wine-grape growers
  • to maintain quality grape and wine production, examine the effect of a commercially available sunscreen to counteract the physical and chemical damage from sunburn

Download presentation: PDF Adaption in the vineyard to a water-limited future – sunscreens and water budgeting. (Note: this document does not meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines.)

  • Project 1

The development of an application-ready practical water budgeting tool for wine-grape growers.

This water budgeting tool will allow growers to conduct and audit their water resources (volumes and quality), assist in making critical decisions about which vineyards or blocks should be watered or moth-balled’ and assist in strategic planning, monitoring and rationing use throughout the season.

AWRI Irrigation budget tool Excel spreadsheet

YouTube video: About the water budgeting tool  – webinar

  • Project 2

The development of canopy management tools to assist in maintaining quality grape and wine production to counteract the physical and chemical damage from sunburn.

The field trial aims to examine the effect of a commercially available sunscreen product, Surround® on the physical and chemical effects of sunburn, potential fermentation inhibition and impacts on wine sensory attributes.

Dr Mark Krstic, from AWRI, discusses Horticulture Innovation Funded project - Water budgeting and suncreens