Hort Industry resources


Optimising water use of Australian almond production through deficit irrigation strategies (AL08009)

Drought strategies for almonds fact sheet

Better tree performance and water use efficiency through root system resilience (AL13009)

Managing almond production in a variable and changing climate (AL14006)

Almond irrigation best practice management (AL17004)


Factsheet: Water use efficiency in blueberries

Facilitating the development of the Australian berry industries (MT18020)


Citrus drought information package

Citrus drought survival and recovery trial (CT08014)

Helping Murray Valley citrus growers thrive in an ever changing environment by addressing regional and national issues (CT09044)

Dried grape

New rootstocks to improve production and water use efficiency, sustainability and reduce risks of dried grape production (DG12006)

Green cities and nursery

Developing water efficiency in the horticultural market - identifying best practice and leveraging marketing advantage (NY12015)

Which plant where, when and why database for growing urban green space (GC15002)

Champions of climate change media release


PotatoLink webinar recording: Mobile drip irrigation - Dragon Line

PotatoLink fact sheet: Matching irrigation to crop growth

PotatoLink Webinar: Precision ag for the potato industry

PotatoLink online training recording: Weather tools from the Bureau of Meteorology

PotatoLink webinar: Setting up for summer - preparation for potato growers

PotatoLink case study: Irrigation scheduling with IrriSAT


Review of current irrigation technologies (VG14048)

Fact sheet: Using recycled water for vegetables

Fact sheet: Precision agriculture in vegetable production


Case study: Townsville grower refuses to be held back by drought

Communicating innovation in water use to horticultural industries (HG07026)

Australian horticulture's response to climate change and climate variability (AH06019)

Effect of using reclaimed water on soil health and crop sustainability (MT09097)

Fact sheet: Dendrometers and other sensors

Fact sheet: Using sensors to improve water management in horticulture

Webinar recording: Using dendrometers to manage plant stress

Webinar recording: Using sensors to improve water management in horticulture

Soil Wealth Integrated Crop Protection summary of resources (including irrigation management)

Soil Wealth - Building resilience to climate extremes